A Great American Industrial Company Since 1899

Great American companies like H.B. Rouse are the bedrock of industrial manufacturing in the USA.  Founded over 118 years ago, H.B. Rouse initially began designing and manufacturing equipment for the printing industry. The company prospered for decades and became the largest maker of printing sticks and tools in the country throughout the first half of the 20th century.

In the early 1970s the company successfully diversified operations by manufacturing a new line of cutting tools for the growing market for manual lathes and machining. In the 1980s German-based manufacturer, Arno Werkzeuge formed a distribution agreement with Rouse for their high precision cutting tool systems for CNC lathes and swiss style machinery in North America. Later Rouse was acquired by Arno and marketed under Arno-Rouse.

Now as a part of Arno Werkzeuge USA, located in Harvard Illinois, the H.B. Rouse cutting tool brand is still alive and thriving –manufacturing their popular family of cutting tools for a wide variety of manual lathe applications, industries and markets.


The company is founded by tooling designer Harry B. Rouse, Walter Sitting and Harry Knolls. The original building was in Lincoln Park area of Chicago at 2214 N. Wayne.

HB Rouse officially incorporates

The company develops a new line of equipment for the burgeoning printing industry and becomes known for their quality, low price and superior equipment calibration.

H.B. Rouse becomes the leader and renown manufacturer in the USA of composing sticks and printing equipment.

Founder and designer, Mr. Harry B. Rouse passes away. Harry Knoll and Walter Sittig purchase the company.

The company diversifies operations by manufacturing new carbide cutting tools and inserts for machining market.

H.B. Rouse moves their manufacturing facility to Harvard, IL in which ARNO USA currently resides and manufacturers the American made line of boring bars and cutting tools.

Appreciating the complimentary product offering of H.B. Rouse, German-based manufacturer of Arno Werkzeuge high precision cutting tools selects H.B. Rouse as their North America distributor.

Arno Werkzeuge officially purchases H.B. Rouse while establishing Arno Werkzeuge USA facility to market their high precision line of inserts and tools.

The company reinvigorates the Rouse brand and re-introduces its quality offering of carbide inserts and tools back under the original H.B. Rouse brand name.